Business Feeling Stagnant? Take these 3 Steps to Energize Your Offers.

a 3-Part Series to find your sweet spot, leverage what works and tap into new growth

If you’ve been in business for a couple of years or more and your growth has stalled out, it can be confusing to figure out what’s your right next move to see real progress.

We’re all friends here, so let me rephrase that– hitting a wall in business feels less like a light-hearted whiff and more like some crazy crash-and-burn out-of-body experience. Is it that it plays out more dramatic in our heads, or that things convoluted to see clearly because we’re SO close to it? Let’s just call it a tie.

It’s likely that you’ve hit a business plateau and simply overdue for some fine-tuning behind the scenes. 

The feeling of being stuck and the need to calibrate behind the scenes is the inspiration for this 3-part blog series all about how to pinpoint what’s holding you back, so you can navigate past the grind of a plateau.

Throughout the series, we’ll be tapping into the top three things that can bog down your offers while you’re busy doing the work.

Ready, let’s get started!

Part I: Profitability.

Creative Translation– when you want to:

  • work smarter not harder
  • scale your business
  • leverage your creative work
  • make more money by doing less
  • stop trading dollars for hours

…you’re craving for your business to increase its profitability.

A quick refresher–

The definition of profitability in accounting is when a company’s total income is more than its total expenses.


Creative Translation–  you add up your total sales revenue and subtract the expenses that it takes to make it happen. Simply put, it’s what’s left over once everything shakes out. 

The Good News is that these are numbers you likely already have handy–– so you don’t need to become a mathematician to be able to figure out how profitable your offers are.

More on that in a minute…

Why should you care?

The higher the profitability is in your business, the more efficient it is, therefore the more money stays in your pockets (for doing the same amount of work).

So, if you’re spread thin, have a steady flow of clients and not sure how to dig your way out to get ahead. The solution isn’t: DO MORE.

It doesn’t add up.

If you’re maxed out and ready to scale, your best bet is to optimize what you already have.

Well that seems easier than just trying to do ALL the things, doesn’t it?

Here are 4 simple tweaks you can make to your current offers to cause them to become more profitable and run smoothly. 

Increase prices
Find ways to add value without driving up your expenses.
Ask yourself if you can:

  • add digital downloads to your services?
  • accountability check-ins?
  • create a better client experience?

Reduce costs
Let’s get creative. Can you:

  • cut material costs by ordering higher quantities?
  • reduce labor costs by creating systems or automating parts of your process?

Find ways to make it easier for them to buy and even easier for you to deliver.

  • are there any unnecessary steps you can cut out?
  • can you trim the length of time you work with clients?

Eliminate friction
Troubleshoot ways to make it easier for them to buy and even easier for you to deliver

  • Can you create (or update) a killer FAQ section
  • Do you have a client welcome guide that lays out expectations?
  • How many “clicks” does it take for someone to be able to purchase something on your website?  

Do you know how efficiently are your offers (products, services, packages) working for you? 

I have a new FREE! resource to put your offers to the test:

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