How to Stay Motivated and Enjoy The Ride As Your Business Grows and Shifts.

a series to find your sweet spot, leverage what works and tap into new growth


Remember the thrill of starting your own business?

The excitement of making things happen, getting resourceful and being inspired to take risks was all part of the game.

But as your business grows, you add to your services, change up your workflow and roll out new offers to fit the needs of your clients– there’s a shift brewing below the surface.

It happens slowly- one tweak at a time that magnetic hustle becomes an obligated grind.
Before you know it, you’ve strayed a little too far from your original game plan and have lost touch with that special spark.

Know the feeling?

Today’s post is all about reviewing your products and/or services and figuring out where things got off track, and re-calibrating to make them enjoyable again. So instead of feeling drained, your offers can feel like a breath of fresh air.

In Part 1 of this series, we dove into how Profitability plays a role into overcoming a business plateau. If you want to learn more about how profitable your offers are, be sure to check it out!

Now, we are moving on to the second key to finding your sweet spot – Enjoyability.

The dictionary definition of ENJOY is:
    1. “take delight or pleasure in (an activity or occasion)
    2. “Possesses and benefit from”

Definition of Enjoyability (I made this word up) is “the degree of how much you enjoy your work, your customers, and how interested you are in the process.” Enjoyability is what lights you up and motivates you about the work you do or who you serve.

Profitability can help you level-up and overcome growing pains. But if you’re not motivated by the work that you do and the customers that you serve–– haven’t you missed the whole point?

Let’s take it from the top.

There are many reasons why people want to design a career on their own terms and start their own business.
For you, maybe it was:

  • Ambition
  • Wanting a new challenge
  • Ability to dedicate more time to other important things in your life outside of work
  • Being able to create a bigger impact.

If you’re not motivated by something bigger and enjoying the ride you’re less likely to stick with it when times get tough and you’re sick of hustling. That’s when you need to be passionate about what you do to pull you through.

Otherwise, burn out shows up on your doorstep.

Everyone has different tendencies when it comes to how to grow their business. Some creative entrepreneurs tend to only do what makes them happy or offer packages and services based on what they want to offer.  While others may focus more on the business model or profitability.

They key is to strike a balance between the two.

Every so often it’s important to assess the Enjoyability Factor in your business and adjust as needed so you don’t get too far off track.

Try asking yourself these three questions to start:

  • What offers are time and life suckers? These are things that you dread doing within your business. Specifically, these are also tasks not moving the needle forward or that someone else can do. There’s always going to be something we dislike that we still need to do, but if we can reduce those tasks, it ups our enjoyability factor. 
  • What tasks can I outsource or alter to make them more enjoyable? Maybe you dread social media and find it to take a lot of time away from other important work. You might want to try hiring a social media manager or virtual assistant for very part time hours to help move your business forward.
  • Am I in my lane or am I getting distracted? Your enjoyability might be affected by distraction and feeling overwhelmed going in too many directions at once. You might need to simplify your offers or modify your target customer. Maybe you need a brainstorming day to zoom out and focus on the CEO level strategy for your business. 

Take the time required to make changes to your business that will elevate your enjoyability. It has the power to elevate your business and actually have fun with it!

What’s missing to bring your business to the next level might just be this step. When the fun and enjoyment return to our creative passions and businesses, our customers can tell. People want to work with those who are passionate about what they do. It’s contagious and can make your whole customer experience better.

When the Enjoyability Factor is in place, there’s also incredible benefit to your clarity and confidence. It might just be the missing piece to avoid burnout, become more productive, and finally make the moves that’ll grow your business to new heights. 

Ready to take the next step? I created a free guide to rating your Enjoyability Factor.
It’s available right here and will walk you through my signature process for finding your Sweet Spot.

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