I'll guide you through 3 easy-to-follow exercises that help you clearly identify your top offer (product, service, package) so you can:

• focus your marketing on the most profitable offer

• enjoy your business by eliminating what makes work feel like, well... work

BONUS!  prompts to brainstorm fresh approaches to your (not-so-high performing) offers to be more profitable, become more enjoyable and create more sales

• leverage your time by doing more of what works

What's included in this WORKBOOK?

Ready to stop doing all the things and focus on what works?

Your business Sweet Spot is the intersection of: what brings in the money + what your best customers want + what you enjoy doing in your business and this FREE workbook teaches you how to identify it!

Inside, you’ll find 3 quick exercises to take you from guessing what’s next– to a surefire gameplan to maximize your efforts.

Ready to leverage your time + enjoy your business?

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